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Search our site for stories by people with your kind of deafness living near you or guest presenters for your club or Cochlear Implant/Baha information.

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A Decade of Incredible Stories

Alistair Barry Bethany Kathy Bill Bob Bob Carol Carol Chad Chris Chris Danny Dick Faye Felicity Felix Fiona Gay Trudy George Gillian Glenda Harry Ingrid Jacqueline Jan Jane Jeff Jeff Wishart Jenny Jill Joanne John John Jozef Julio Karen Karen Karin Katrina Kelly ken Kevin Lachie Les Lily Lyn marion Michael John Patricia Pete Peter Ray Richard Rob Robyn Robyn Roma Samantha Sandra Sarah Sue Tom Vivian Vivien Wendy


Last Chance to See 17/2/17

Felicity: " This Cochlear Awareness Network Website will be shut down and removed at the end of February 2017. If you would like to read personal stories go to If you would like more information please email"

C-A-Network 1
CAN version 1 cica 2007
C-A-Network 2
CAN version 2 (circa 2010)
C-A-Network 3
CAN Responsive ~ viewable on almost any device


Final News 17/2/17

Cochlea Awarness Network Website to close

28 Feb 2017

Please take whatever information you want from it NOW!

Cochlear Support 8/2/16


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Get Started Programme

A 6-step programme created for people struggling with hearing loss (or their loved ones)

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Music & CI's.

Cochlear Implants have successfully helped so many people gain access to environmental sounds, understand speech without lip reading and talk on the phone. Although not everyone will be able to music enjoyment is possible.

Read Felicity at Beats of Cochlea
Listen to a concert performed by people who have cochlea implants
Read how Felicity regained music

Social/Support Groups 26/8/13

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