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Jennie's story 2/2/14


I am now a bilateral cochlear implantee and when I had my second implant switched on, I emailed a description of the experience to friends and colleagues. As I had worked for years in University environments, there were many academics and researchers who received the email and I was quite surprised by the very strong response I got, some people saying it moved them to tears.

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Jill's Story


I was diagnosed with otosclerosis as a teenager and wore hearing aids from age 17.

A failed stapedectomy at age 19 led to 42 years of hearing with just a hearing aid in one ear.

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Karen's Story


You often hear stories about people whose lives change in an instant but I never really thought that would happen to me - but it did. I left home one Friday morning and headed to work as I did each day and I never returned.

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Peter's Story


Peter Taylor 1953~2013

On the 15th of September Peter gave up his heroic struggle against Leishmania. He will be sadly missed by the many people he has inspired.

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About CAN

Cochlear Awareness Network

The Cochlear Awareness Network is a group of Volunteers each of whom have lived deaf but have had their hearing returned with a Cochlear hearing solution.

They have chosen to be members of the Cochlear Awareness Network to tell their stories, raising awareness for these wonderful changes in their lives. All members are available to discuss their experiences.


L24 Hybrid11/4/14

In Australia the Cochlear Nucleus Hybrid System is comprised of the Cochlear Nucleus 6 Sound Processor in Hybrid mode (with the acoustic hearing aid component attached to boost residual natural hearing) and the Cochlear Nucleus CI422 Implant, designed for hearing preservation.


Note: In the pictue the processor has an In the Ear hearing aid attached.

This new generation N6 Sound Processor in Hybrid mode was launched last November, the previous generation Hybrid system has been available in Austrlia since 2009.

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Baha 4 Systems Launched updated 5/4/14

Baha 4 Attract System

For more than 35 years, Baha® bone conduction implants have connected people to the world of sound. With the launch of Baha® 4 Attract System and Baha® 4 Connect System in Australia Cochlear can now offer more possibilities for a lifetime of better hearing.

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Deaf Children Australia Logo

VidKids ™ is a national initiative which will utilise the increased reach and capacity of the National Broadband Network (NBN) to provide improved services to children with hearing and/or vision impairment in outer regional and remote Australia. Families and children will connect with qualified health professionals using video conferencing to access ongoing support tailored to each child's specific needs.

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Bob and Faye trial the N6 14/1/14

Corrimal's Bob Ross and North Strathfield resident and bilateral cochlear implant recipient Faye Yarroll are 2 of 21 adult Australians who took part in a trial of Cochlear's most advanced hearing solution, the Nucleus 6 system. Bob and Faye's impresions were the subject of articles in their local papers late last year.


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