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Annette's Story 21/05/16


Annette Gilmore-Scott was diagnosed with a severe sensorineural loss at 18 months of age. Fortunately her mother was very patient with her which is the main reason Annette is able to speak so clearly today. Every time she mispronounced a word, Mum took time to teach her how to say it correctly.

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Burn's Story 11/5/16


In 2001, 75 year old Burn Reeve had his first Cochlear Implant switched on. It was a momentous event because he was watched and supported by many of his family. Especially poignant was the connection he has with his great grand-daughter Alicia who also has a Cochlear Implant.

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Carol's Story 11/5/16


Carol was born with normal hearing which meant she learned language skills. It was only when she was 20 that she noticed a deterioration in her hearing. Many other family members had experienced the same thing so she feared she would pass the disability to her children.

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Chad's Story 18/2/16


Chad: is an Australian recipient of the Baha. This has helped him regain his confidence in all listening environments. He was implanted in 2003 and is currently principal of Redcliffe Primary School in Perth.

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Telephone with confidence 8/3/16

Telephone with confidence

Do you know someone with a Cochlear implant who would like to increase their confidence using the phone? For a limited time Cochlear is offering access to a free support program to build confidence using the phone? Get in touch with Andrew for more information:

Faye's Interviews 8/3/16


Faye: "If you want to listen to the Radio Interview I did in 2013, it is online at 2RPH Sydney." Faye talks about her experience as a Cochlear Implant recipient and continues with a discussion on individual assessment for suitability of this device.

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Getting Started Programme 11/2/16


How do you know if you need a Cochlear Implant or if one will benefit you? Where do you go to find out? Where do you start?

These are questions we all have to answer before we actually have a Cochlear Implant and sometimes, given our level of deafness it all seems too hard. We can’t phone, we are often isolated and it’s not even easy to make a doctor’s appointment.

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You can also research the guidelines for having a Cochlear Implant. You can take a hearing quiz at Cochlear’s Getting Started Programme where some of the symptoms of hearing loss are outlined. There is also a Newsletter which gives you some hints and tips to hear better, funding options and download and information kit.

Bethany'sCochlear Implant success18/1/16

Bethany's new youtube video published 6 Jan 2016

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Cochlear Support 8/2/16


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Get Started Programme

A 6-step programme created for people struggling with hearing loss (or their loved ones)

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News / Events 18/4/16

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one in six, from the Deafness Forum - newsletter of interest.

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National Spotlight March 2016 edition

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Graeme Clark

Graeme Clark Scholarship 2016

for Cochlear™ recipient undergraduates in New Zealand or Australia. Applications close 24 June 2016.

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Hear For You 2016 mentoring programs are now open. Dynamic workshops for deaf & hard of hearing teens of high school age in Australia & New Zealand.

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Music & CI's.

Cochlear Implants have successfully helped so many people gain access to environmental sounds, understand speech without lip reading and talk on the phone. Although not everyone will be able to music enjoyment is possible.

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Listen to a concert performed by people who have cochlea implants
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Social/Support Groups 26/8/13

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