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Bethany's story updated 17/2/15

Bethany: “I've been accepted into a honours year of media and communication at RMIT. I'll be moving to Melbourne in February, after I finish my current internship called 'Stepping Into...' which I received through the Australian Network on Disability.”

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( Updated 18/3/15 )

Jane's Story 25/11/14

Jane:"... I'm on the front cover of the Cochlear Annual Report this year."

"As a child, my mother always told me to be careful what you wish for. … many times … I wished for peace and quiet." Over a single day in 2011 Jane went deaf.

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Bob's Story 18/9/14


In a recent interview by Donald Cameron for a Macquarie University feature article titled From nothing to something Bob said “Going deaf is the best thing that has happened to me.”

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Lily's Story 9/9/14


Sandra King writes her daughter Lily was exactly 10 months old when she had surgery for Bilateral Cochlear Implants. Lily is now three years and four months old. It has been quite a journey for us as we have no hearing loss issues on both sides of our Families.

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Inaugural Adult CI Forum:
Disabling the Hearing disability 16/3/15

Programme Update 3/3/15: Announcing Professor Jim Patrick as our Guest Speaker. Professor Graeme Clark (unable to attend) will deliver the welcome message by video.

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Around 1200 New Zealanders have regained their hearing with a Cochlear Implant and the Inaugural Adult CI Forum: Disabling the Hearing Disability: Our Future, is about engaging all members of the adult cochlear implant community to help create a brighter hearing future for New Zealanders affected by severe hearing loss. The event encompasses guest speakers, workshops, displays and presentations. If you get a chance it could be worth going.

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Wireless to TV & Phone 12/2/15

open book and cover

Cochlear has looked at the problems users experience hearing the tv or phone and has developed three devices to help us.

(this article updated 17/2) read more

Real Stories, Real People 11/2/15

reviewed by Richard Brading,
President SHHH Australia Inc.

open book and cover

Richard: The beauty of this book is that it provides a selection of genuine stories from ordinary people like us who were bold enough to get a cochlear implant.

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In the News 11/2/15

Real Stories, Real People

Real Stories, Real People cover

CICADA Queensland are selling a booklet they produced of cochlear implant recipient stories. If people would like a copy (while stocks last) contact CICADA QLD to get an order form ($10 each plus $2.10 postage in Australia)

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