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Barry's Story 26/7/16


Barry the eldest of three boys and the only one deaf was born with a hearing loss which wasn't discovered until he was two & half years old. It took another 18 months before he was fitted with hearing aids. His mother spent hours teaching him to speak clearly.

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Karen's Story 22/6/16


In my second year in High School one of my teacher's picked up I might have my hearing loss because I had taken a dictation test for an examination. Although I had spelt all words correctly I had written wrong words.

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Chris's Story 9/6/16


Chris Blackham-Davison was born deaf in his left ear and not too much in his right one. No one else in his family was deaf so this was unexpected. He was raised to speak and achieved much throughout his life. However, when he reached 40 he decided to have a Cochlear Implant.

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Annette's Story 21/05/16


Annette Gilmore was diagnosed with a severe sensorineural loss at 18 months of age. Fortunately her mother was very patient with her which is the main reason Annette is able to speak so clearly today. Every time she mispronounced a word, Mum took time to teach her how to say it correctly.

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A Symphony of Stories 12/9/16

A Symphony of Stories

CICADA Queensland proudly announces the release of their second book of personal stories from recipients as told in their own words, by Queensland Cochlear Implant recipients.


Faye's Helen Keller award 9/8/16

Faye's Helen Keller award plaque.jpg

Faye was presented the Helen Keller Fellowship award at the Bondi Lions Club 60th Anniversary. This award recognises dedicated service to the community. The plaque and lapel pin she received formally acknowledges her work with the deaf and hearing impaired


Getting Started Programme 11/2/16


How do you know if you need a Cochlear Implant or if one will benefit you? Where do you go to find out? Where do you start?

These are questions we all have to answer before we actually have a Cochlear Implant and sometimes, given our level of deafness it all seems too hard. We can’t phone, we are often isolated and it’s not even easy to make a doctor’s appointment.

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You can also research the guidelines for having a Cochlear Implant. You can take a hearing quiz at Cochlear’s Getting Started Programme where some of the symptoms of hearing loss are outlined. There is also a Newsletter which gives you some hints and tips to hear better, funding options and download and information kit.

Bethany'sCochlear Implant success18/1/16

Bethany's new youtube video published 6 Jan 2016

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News / Events 30/10/16

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18 Oct 2016
NEW One-in-Six
newsletter from the Deafness Forum.

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September 2016
Adelaide newsletter.

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Dean Beaumont was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the recent Queens Birthday Honours List. I'm sure you will agree that this is clearly a well-deserved award.

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Cochlear Support 8/2/16


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Get Started Programme

A 6-step programme created for people struggling with hearing loss (or their loved ones)

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Music & CI's.

Cochlear Implants have successfully helped so many people gain access to environmental sounds, understand speech without lip reading and talk on the phone. Although not everyone will be able to music enjoyment is possible.

Read Felicity at Beats of Cochlea
Listen to a concert performed by people who have cochlea implants
Read how Felicity regained music

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