Guest Speakers

Cochlear Awareness Network Members are regular guest speakers for clubs and community groups around Australia. If you would like to know more about a Cochlear Implant or hear a CAN member make a presentation email the member or phone Cochlear on 1800 620 929.

Find a Guest Speaker near you

NZ South Island – Adult Cochlear Implant

Robyn Carter [email protected]
Read Robyn’s story
Michael Anderson [email protected]
Read Michael’s story

NZ North Island – Adult Cochlear Implant

John Christianson [email protected]
Read John’s story

ACT – Adult Cochlear Implant

Alistair Sutherland [email protected]
Read Alistair’s story
George Perry [email protected]
Read George’s story

NSW – Baha Recipient

Kelly Jenkins [email protected]
Read Kelly’s story

NSW – Child Cochlear Implant

Jo Williams (Mother of Felix) [email protected]
Read Felix’s story

NSW – Adult Cochlear Implant

Karen Dempsey [email protected]
Read Karen’s story
Karin Jamieson [email protected]
Read Karin’s story
Ray Hare [email protected]
Read Ray’s story
Peter Moore [email protected]
Read Peter’s story
Faye Yarroll [email protected]
Read Faye’s story
Sue Young [email protected]
Read Sue’s story
Julio Gupte [email protected]
Read Julio’s story

QLD – Adult Cochlear Implant

Jennie Perry Smith [email protected]
Read Jennie’s story
Carol Beaumont [email protected]
Read Carol’s story
Glenda Froyland [email protected]
Read Glenda’s story
Jan Kelly [email protected]
Read Jan’s story
Annette Gilmore-Scott Cochlear Awareness Network
Read Annette’s story

VIC – Adult Cochlear Implant

Sandra Keir [email protected]
Read Sandra’s story
Tom McCaul [email protected]
Read Tom’s story
Dick Sutcliffe [email protected]
Read Dick’s story
Danny Clark [email protected]
Read Danny’s story

SA – Adult Cochlear Implant

Felicity Bleckly Contact Felicity
Read Felicity’s story
Lynette Gill [email protected]
Read Lyn’s story
Chris Temby [email protected]
Read Chris’s story
Gay Jennings [email protected]
Read Gay’s story
Jeff Wishart [email protected]
Read Jeff’s story

SA – Child Cochlear Implant

Bethany Miller [email protected]
Read Bethany’s story
Kathy Miller (Bethany’s Mum) [email protected]
Read Bethany’s mum, Kathy’s story

NT – Adult Cochlear Implant

Chris Blackham-Davison [email protected]
Read Chris’s story

WA – Adult Cochlear Implant

Jeff Flood [email protected]
Read Jeff’s story