Guest Speakers

Cochlear Awareness Network Members are regular guest speakers for clubs and community groups around Australia. If you would like to know more about a Cochlear Implant or hear a CAN member make a presentation email the member or phone Cochlear on 1800 620 929.

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NZ South Island – Adult Cochlear Implant

Robyn Carter
Read Robyn’s story
Michael Anderson
Read Michael’s story

NZ North Island – Adult Cochlear Implant

John Christianson
Read John’s story

ACT – Adult Cochlear Implant

Alistair Sutherland
Read Alistair’s story
George Perry
Read George’s story

NSW – Baha Recipient

Kelly Jenkins
Read Kelly’s story

NSW – Child Cochlear Implant

Jo Williams (Mother of Felix)
Read Felix’s story

NSW – Adult Cochlear Implant

Karen Dempsey
Read Karen’s story
Karin Jamieson
Read Karin’s story
Ray Hare
Read Ray’s story
Peter Moore
Read Peter’s story
Faye Yarroll
Read Faye’s story
Sue Young
Read Sue’s story
Julio Gupte
Read Julio’s story

QLD – Adult Cochlear Implant

Jennie Perry Smith
Read Jennie’s story
Carol Beaumont
Read Carol’s story
Glenda Froyland
Read Glenda’s story
Jan Kelly
Read Jan’s story
Annette Gilmore-Scott Cochlear Awareness Network
Read Annette’s story

VIC – Adult Cochlear Implant

Sandra Keir
Read Sandra’s story
Tom McCaul
Read Tom’s story
Dick Sutcliffe
Read Dick’s story
Danny Clark
Read Danny’s story

SA – Adult Cochlear Implant

Felicity Bleckly Contact Felicity
Read Felicity’s story
Lynette Gill
Read Lyn’s story
Chris Temby
Read Chris’s story
Gay Jennings
Read Gay’s story
Jeff Wishart
Read Jeff’s story

SA – Child Cochlear Implant

Bethany Miller
Read Bethany’s story
Kathy Miller (Bethany’s Mum)
Read Bethany’s mum, Kathy’s story

NT – Adult Cochlear Implant

Chris Blackham-Davison
Read Chris’s story

WA – Adult Cochlear Implant

Jeff Flood
Read Jeff’s story