Rehabilitation Links

Learning to hear again may take a bit of practise and these sites could help.

You must remember you need a very good computer sound system to get the best and clearest sound to minimise distortion.


Please notify Felicity if any of these links no longer work

Developing listening and language skills
Links to a wide range of information and activities designed to help Cochlear recipients develop or re-learn listening and language skills. Whether you are a recipient, a parent or a hearing professional, we invite you to explore all three age categories as you may find information and tools of interest in each.


Auditory Verbal Training for the newly implanted

This site is specifically created for implantees

Listening exercises You may need to download RealPlayer to run the program. The listening exercises are everyday situations from easy to hard. After you listen you then answer questions and get your score so you can gauge how well you are doing. The accents are American so you might need to play them a couple of times to get used to the accent.


Listening Games The speech is very clear. You have to listen and answer questions clicking the picture the story is about.


MedlinePlus This is a spoken medical information service so provides listening practise as well as a section where you can answer questions.

Interesting things for ESL Students You may need to download a program to run it. A Fun site for those learning English as a second lanugage.


Learn to Read This site is geared to children.

Instruments of the Orchestra Listen to the sound and match it to the picture of the instrument

Find Sounds If you want to know what something sounds like you can link to this site and find a list of places where the sound is demonstrated on the internet.


Tellitagan Children’s Stories

The Weather Channel A variety of talking videos which are very clear.


Perfect Pronounciation This site emphasises the differences between certain sounds such as “f” and “v”. Very helpful listening practise which has very clear diction.

Speech Therapy Good information about pronunciation