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Hybrid Cochlear Implant recipients

Leone Leone (NSW)

Baha recipients

Richard Richard (SA) Chad Chad (WA) John John (QLD) Vivian Vivian (VIC)
Kelly Kelly (NSW) Bob Bob (NSW)

Child Implantees

Bethany Bethany: Implant at 3,
bi-lateral Implant at 13 (SA)
Kathy Kathy - Mother of Bethany (SA) Felix Felix(NSW) Jozef Jozef(NZ)
Lachie Lachie(NZ)

Bi-lateral Cochlear Implantees

Bill Bill (NSW) Felicity Felicity (SA) Danny Danny (WA) Rob Rob (SA)
Jeff Jeff (WA) Glenda Glenda (Nth QLD) Pete Pete (NSW) Ray Ray (Nth NSW)
Karin Karin (NSW) Gay Gay (SA) Trudy Gay's daughter Trudy (ACT) Sandra Sandra (VIC)
Jan Jan (QLD) Tom Tom (QLD) Katrina Katrina (SA) Peter Peter (NSW)
Dick Dick (VIC) Alistair Alistair (ACT) Jeff Wishart Jeff (SA) Samantha Samantha (WA)
Carol Carol (WA) Carol's daughter Lisa Carol's daughter Lisa (WA) Carol's daughter Melanie Carol's daughter Melanie (WA) Carol's daughter Trudy Carol's daughter Trudy (WA)
Roma Roma(NSW) Faye Faye (NSW) Sue Sue (NSW) Bob Bob (NSW)
marion Marion (Bungendore NSW) Burn Burn (Central Coast NSW) George George (ACT) Jacqueline Jacqueline (VIC)
Jill Jill (Sydney NSW) Jenny Jennie (QLD) Jane Jane (WA)
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Cochlear Implantees

Fiona Fiona (NZ) Michael Michael (NZ) Chris Chris (NT) Carol Carol (QLD)
Robyn Robyn (NZ) Joh John (NZ) Karen Karen (NSW) Mischelle Mischelle (NSW)
Kevin Kevin (QLD) Lyn Lyn (SA) Sarah Sarah (Nth QLD) Julio Julio (NSW)
Robyn Robyn (VIC) Harry Harry (NSW) Barnie Barnie (NSW) Barry Barry (NSW)
Josie Josie (VIC) Chris Chris (SA) Les Les (NSW) Les Ingrid (QLD)
Vivien Vivien (NSW) Annette Annette (QLD) Wendy Wendy (ACT) ken Ken (NSW)
Patricia Patricia (Vic) Karen Karen (NSW) Joanne Joanne (QLD) Gillian Gillian (Qld)
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