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Find Stories by Location or deafness type

There are many stories of people who have lived deaf and had their hearing restored with a Cochlear Implant or Baha. But which stories should you read? To make it easier we’ve sorted the stories in a number of different ways. So click on the links to find stories which best suit your interest.

Hearing Solution

  • Baha Recipients
  • Bi-lateral Cochlear Implantees
  • Cochlear Implantees

How long Deaf

  • Deaf since birth
  • Deaf from early childhood
  • Gradual deafness from a teenager
  • Gradual Deafness as an adult
  • Sudden Deafness as an adult

Location, Gender/Age

  • Location
  • Males
  • Females

Reasons for Deafness

  • Deafness caused by diseases such as measles, acoustic neuroma, auto immune disorders
  • Deaf from an accident
  • Hereditary deafness
  • Industrial deafness
  • Single sided deafness
  • Age related deafness