Other Personal Stories

There are some amazing personal stories from those who have Cochlear Implants or Baha and they are not just limited to Cochlear Awareness Network members. On this page you’ll find links to some of these other stories.

Oliver Dennis’s story of HopeWhen he discovered his newborn daughter was deaf, Oliver Dennis was devastated. Then he made the decision that would change her life.

Bill Raymond

Bill Raymond was a Graeme Clark scholarship winner and is the first audiologist in Australia who also has a Cochlear Implant.

John Chapman

John Chapman was one of the first Cochlear Implantees in Australia. Recently he graduated with a degree in Software Engineering. He’s combining his knowledge of Cochlear Implants and software to work with Cochlear.


Domenica, just like any 5 year old, looked forward to her first day at school, but unlike most she hears with bi-lateral Cochlear Implants.

Sophie’s story

Sophie had a double cochlear implant operation at aged 4. This was only the 3rd double implant operation in South Australia.

Bev Rainford

Bev is a talented doctor. She went through medical school as a deaf student. With her Cochlear Implant she can now talk to patients easily, even on the phone.

The Cochlear Implant Professionals

Audiologist Keith Chiveralls and Dr Rob Morrissey are part of the first South Australian Cochlear Implant Centre.

10 month old Charlotte

Charlotte is a little suspicious when she hears for the first time.

Pierce’s story

A front page photo of Pierce hearing his first sound made news in WA – see it on the billboard.

Gabe’s story

Gabe has two cochlear implants.

Alana’s story

Alana wants to be a dancer.

Michael’s story

Michael is a teacher of the deaf.