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Print stories (double sided A4 – which fold to DL) of people who have Cochlear Implantable hearing solutions

Note: Some of the files are large and may take a while to download

Name Location Reason for
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Jacqueline East Brisbane Qld Went deaf in six weeks Jacqueline East’s story
Ken Stranger Dalgety NSW Steady deterioriation Ken Stranger’s story
Sandra Keir Melbourne Vic Born Deaf Sandra’s story
Faye Yarroll Sydney NSW Hereditary Sensorineural Hearing Loss Faye’s page
Carol Beetles Perth WA Gradual hearing loss from 20 years of age Carol’s story
Carol’s daughters share their stories about their mother’s struggle
Felicity Bleckly Adelaide SA Measles at aged 9 resulted in slowly deteriorating hearing Felicity’s story
Jeff Wishart Adelaide SA Hereditary Deafness Jeff’s page
Barry Pratt Southern NSW Mother had toxaemia during pregnancy Barry’s page
Bethany Miller Adelaide SA Born profoundly deaf Bethany’s story
Bethany’s mum’s page
Carol Beaumont Brisbane Qld Sensorineural deafness as a teenager Carol’s story
Chris Temby Adelaide SA Sensorineural deafness as an adult Chris’s page
Dick Sutcliffe Melbourne Vic Hereditary adult deafness Dick’s page
Glenda Froyland North Qld Menieres Disease Glenda’s story
Jeff Flood Perth WA Deafness caused by Otosclerosis Jeff’s page
Karen Dempsey Newcastle NSW Hearing impaired since teenage years Karen’s page
Karin Jamieson Orange NSW Minieres Disease Karin’s story
Lyn Gill Adelaide SA Slowly deteriorating hearing as an adult Lyn’s story
Michael Anderson New Zealand Progressive hearing loss after 40 Michael’s page
Peter Moore Central Coast NSW Single Sided Deafness Peter’s page
John Harris Gold Coast Qld Acoustic Neuroma John’s story
Rob Dobson Adelaide SA Born Deaf Rob’s story
Julio Gupte Sydney NSW Acoustic Neuroma Julio’s page
Ingrid Turner North Qld Degenerative Hearing loss Ingrid’s page
Kevin FitzRoy Brisbane Qld Industrial Deafness Kevin’s page
Les Thompson Sydney NSW Gradual Deafness over 10 years Les’s story
Josie Sidoti Melbourne VIC Hearing impaired since adolescence Josie’s story
Fiona Ali Dunedin NZ Gradual hearing loss from early adulthood Fiona’s story
John Christianson North Island NZ German measles at aged 3 John’s story
Harry Kimble Sydney NSW Gradual hearing loss from early adulthood Harry’s page
Bob Ross Wollongong NSW Industrial Deafness from being in the armed forces Bob’s story
Sue Young Wollongong NSW Deaf from early childhood Sue’s story
Leone Sperling Sydney NSW Deaf from late 50’s Leone’s story
Chris Blackham-Davison Darwin NT Deaf from birth Chris’s story
Felix Sydney NSW Deaf from birth Felix’s story
Jennie Peregian QLD Slowly deteriorating hearing as an adult Jennie’s story
Bob Wollongong NSW Sudden single sided deafness Bob’s story
Burn Central Coast NSW Age related deafness Burn’s story