Resources for the Hearing Community when dealing with the deaf or hearing impaired

In this section are a number of items which you may find helpful. Feel free to print them and pass around or put them on a notice board or other conspicuous place.

A list of do’s and don’ts when dealing with a hearing impaired colleague.


Enhancing workplace understanding and communication

Wendy says: “As a Cochlear Awareness Network Volunteer I listen to the many communication problems hearing impaired and deaf people face, especially in their workplace. As a result I am very happy to provide a 20 minute in-house service to you, your employer and colleagues. While brief, this in-house service will highlight our ‘special needs’ in environments where hearing impaired people find it hard to communicate. Examples include noisy offices with tiled floors, background noise or open spaces.

I also share tips that will give employers and colleagues communication skills that can only improve collaboration.

If you live in Sydney then I am your lady. I am available by appointment so if you are interested and you need a little guidance give me a call. I will do my very best to improve understanding and the services you have in your workplace therefore enhancing a valued work environment. Encouraging positive practices will benefit everybody involved.”